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About Alumni Theater Company

Alumni Theater Company (ATC) operates a year-round program providing talented Black youth in grades 6-12 with high quality performing arts training and a platform to express their ideas. We are in our 16th season of creating bold theatrical work that gives fresh voice to the experience of young Black artists and highlights their rich contribution to our community.

Addressing racism is integral to the work of ATC. Our members are passionate about using their art to be heard. They have strong opinions - about our country and its embedded racism, about the inequities they experience in their schools, about the heavy policing in many of their communities. They speak boldly, confronting this racism and injustice. They share their vulnerable journey through adolescence, resonating with their peers and challenging adults to listen deeply. They inspire their audience to take deliberate action and make a change. For them, ATC is a space free from stereotypes and otherism, where they can openly share their experiences growing up as Black teens in our city, and in turn create art that speaks to their peers and the community at large.


Meet The Staff


Bridgette Perdue

Executive Director

Hallie Donner

Artistic Director

Shae Wofford

Programming Director

Emmanuel Key

ATC Fellow

Meet The Ensembles

ATC Professional Ensemple.jpg
ATC Teen Ensemple.jpg
ATC Young Artist Ensemple.jpg
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