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Lyn Starr

Lyn Starr is a 2014 graduate of Pittsburgh CAPA and a   classically trained vocalist. He currently attends Seton Hill   University where he is continuing his studies in vocal   performance. Lyn has performed in many productions with   ATC including Rent, Aida, Hair in which he was featured as Hud, and American Idiot in the role of St. Jimmy. Lyn’s greatest passion is writing and producing music in the hip hop genre. He has released 2 original mixtapes and 1 EP to date. Rambling, released in 2013, reveals Lyn’s jumbled mind state as he was developing as a young artist. MAD, released in 2014, demonstrates his raw mentality and how he has grown as an artist, from production quality to lyrical delivery. Inertia, released in 2015, was Lyn’s first EP with all original content and ideas, from beats to poetry. Lyn is currently building a record label called High Five Productions, a company that strives to bring a strong, loving hip hop culture back into the world’s view. 

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