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About the ATC Professional

The Professional Ensemble is comprised of graduates of Alumni Theater Company. These young artists, ranging in age from 18-23, have been working together for most of their lives. They learned about theater together, about what it means to perform and give the audience a piece of yourself, and why being good at that is an important thing to offer the world. They gain strength and courage from holding hands and knowing that they are not alone out there. They support each other in such a genuine and intense way, that they feel uncommonly empowered to create brave, unapologetic work. The result is an unparalleled opportunity for their audience.

These artists are creative, ambitious, confident, experienced, and dedicated to using their talents with purpose. They have spent a tremendous amount of time in their young lives developing their artistic process and style. Now that they are adults, they are transitioning their passion into a profession. They are here and ready to work.

Through the Professional Ensemble, Alumni Theater Company offers these committed artists; guidance, a platform for presenting their work and a springboard into professional work in the performing arts. 

Meet the ATC Artist Collective

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